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Because of a childhood medical condition, Mary Gibble was unable to do a lot of physical exercise.  Thus, as a teenager she took a class in candy-making.  Then, during the 1940's, as a young wife and mother, she began making candies to take to Farmer's Market.  Quality was very important to Mary so choosing a premium chocolate was key.  She decided on Peter's Chocolate.  Peter's chocolate originates from Switzerland and was founded by Daniel Peter in 1867.  Mr. Peter knew that in order to compete in the demanding chocolate industry he would need a unique product.  He experimented with milk, but it soured too quickly.  After pooling together with his neighbor, Henri Nestle, they came up with the idea to extract the water out of the milk, creating condensed milk.  Thus creating the world's most popular confection, milk chocolate!  Today, Peter's Chocolate is a division of Nestle Food Company.  Great candy starts with great chocolate, and here at Mrs. Gibble's we proudly use Peter's Chocolate.  We feel that the chocolate enhances our homemade centers.  Each center is made from Mary's own recipe and then covered with Peter's smooth luscious chocolate.  Vernice Eshleman, Mary's oldest daughter, continues her mother's tradition of fine quality.  Just one bite will tempt your taste buds and entice you to slowly savor the delectable flavor!

The historial information on Peter's Chocolates was taken from articles found on the internet: